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In this uncertain environment, it is important that learning and training for safety continue, even if it cannot happen in person. That is why we are providing access to a full suite of online learning resources, including live digital classrooms, accredited e-learning courses, and mobile-friendly microlearning events, all found in our e-learning toolbox.

Our online learning platform offers a vast library of interactive learning and training material specifically designed to meet compliance standards and promote safety in construction, the skilled trades, manufacturing, and industrial workplaces. Whether as part of a live hosted classroom presided over by one of our expert safety instructors or as part of a self-led e-learning course, NextWave delivers engaging learning experiences to give workers the know-how necessary to work safe and smart. Additionally, our configurable system can incorporate your training needs or materials and even get your organization set up with a white-labeled training environment 100% suitable to your internal learning goals.


NYC DOB Training

As an NYC DOB approved training provider, NextWave’s e-learning courses will get you SST ready. Fulfill all NYC DOB needs with our easy to use and self-paced online courses.

Onboarding Training

Provide new employees with everything they need to get started on the job safely. Incorporate your training materials into your online portal and monitor the new hires’ results as they develop their skills.


Deliver relevant training in a directed and just-in-time approach. Bite-sized training courses help engage employees and help them put safety knowledge in action immediately. With NextWave, you can deliver microlearnings as toolbox talks or arrange several micro-courses into learning paths so employees can see how to reach a new skill level a step at a time.

Mobile learning

Employees can take training from any device they have at hand: a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Custom content and curriculum development

Customized instructional content and curriculum for any learning organization or environment. Professional development and training resources tailored to your needs.

Assessment and certification programs

NextWave’s online coursework results in industry-recognized certifications that can help launch a career or lead to further professionalization. Course assessments give learners immediate feedback on their mastery of a subject and give organizations new ways to measure training effectiveness and make improvements.

Safety & Risk Management

Proper worker training is a great step toward achieving safer, more productive jobsites. But without a dedicated approach to instilling and maintaining site safety, even the best training can falter. That’s where we come in!

NextWave is on a mission to save lives by bringing it’s world-class approach to safety management to South Florida!

NextWave provides professional site safety and risk management consultancy and services to all sites and projects across South Florida. From drafting and filing site or task-specific safety plans, to performing regular audits and inspections, to staffing part- or full-time safety personnel, we’ve got the team and the know-how to keep your project and your people safe and moving. Contact our Fort Lauderdale office today to learn more or get a quote.

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NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc.

NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to build the future of safety training and workplace safety by developing cutting-edge technology to mitigate project risk, reduce workplace incidents, and drive productivity. We bring an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency to workers, insurers, contractors, and developers.

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