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NextWave Safety is the premier safety consultant company in New York City. Our Site Safety Division is staffed with licensed site safety managers and coordinators. We assign these onsite 3rd-party safety professionals to major construction sites to oversee and promote safety procedures and to comply with NYC Department of Buildings requirements. With site safety managers and coordinators onsite, contractors and developers help to:

  • Provide for a safe working environment for workers and the public
  • Reduce injuries and fatalities on the job
  • Reduce the likelihood of incurring DOB, OSHA, and other fines
  • Reduce costly GL and worker’s compensation premiums and payouts
  • Improve safety and increase profitability
  • Enhance worker productivity
  • Develop a construction safety plan

We staff licensed site safety managers, coordinators, concrete safety managers, and construction fire safety managers, as well as unlicensed qualified safety professionals on major sites and projects. These onsite managers conduct safety audits and inspections, as well as develop and file site safety plans, health safety plans, and other compliance-related plans.

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We staff and manage licensed safety professionals, including:


Required on NYC Construction Projects:

  • 15 stories or greater 
  • Have a building footprint greater than 100,000 square feet 
  • When required by the Department of Buildings 


Required on NYC Construction Projects: 

  • 10-14 stories projects
  • When required by the Department of Buildings 


A concrete safety manager must be on site when the concrete portion of the project involves the pouring of a minimum of 2,000 cubic yards of concrete or such lesser amount as the commissioner may determine by rule. Our construction safety company can provide concrete safety managers for your projects.


On June 1, 2011, the New York City Fire Department began enforcing Section 1408 of the fire code. This requires all major building construction sites (those requiring either a site safety manager or site safety coordinator) to comply with the following:

  • A construction site fire safety manager onsite whenever a site safety manager or coordinator is onsite
  • A gang box, meeting FDNY requirements as to contents, size and markings, be onsite
  • A pre-fire safety plan be written and available
  • Floor plans for each floor delineating evacuation routes must be available
  • Standpipe riser diagram onsite
  • Several log books are available onsite

Our construction safety consulting firm addresses the evolving requirements of building and safety codes. To address new safety rules and requirements of New York City building and construction sites, our team has implemented site safety managers and coordinators that have been trained and certified as construction site fire safety managers, with the ability to prepare the construction pre-fire safety plan. We also offer construction safety consultant training to assist with personnel on your site.


Required on NYC Construction Projects: 

  • On projects up to 9 stories



Offices, retail stores, and other businesses all have occupational risks. It’s important to conduct routine risk mitigation checks to ensure safety. These inspections may be required by the state, or by your insurance company. Even if routine inspections aren’t mandated, they are crucial for putting safety at the forefront.

Safety and health compliance audits and inspections are cost-effective tools for a construction manager. In such an audit, our experienced site safety professionals are trained to ascertain compliance issues, inspect your construction site, and recommend corrective action as necessary.

Varying by your needs and the size of your job, the typical safety audit includes a site inspection followed by a written report. The audit report includes digital photographs itemizing the would-be citations and their respective safety code references. The referenced codes include city, state, and federal OSHA regulations.

The report also includes items that can be used as benchmarking data for your company.


Timely incident investigations are crucial to reduce lag time after an incident and ensure facts are collected, in turn, reducing claims costs.


NextWave can help identify hazards before they occur by providing a jobsite hazard analysis focused on your projects or job tasks to identify potential hazards before they occur.

By analyzing the possible risks to your workers, tasks, tools, and work environments, we can identify uncontrolled hazards and provide guidance on how to eliminate or reduce them.

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