New York City stands apart as a global city, with a skyline recognized all across the world. People come from all over to ‘make it’ in the Big Apple, and the fields of construction and building are no exception. As we know from years of experience, the same hustle and grit that we’ve known in the construction industry can also lead to potential hazards on site and serious risks for project owners, developers, and GCs. And if you’re new to town, or if you’re used to doing things like the good ol’ days, the city’s compliance landscape can represent one of the biggest challenges to getting your project off the ground.

That’s where we come in! NextWave Safety was founded by 9/11 first responders and long-time NYC construction safety and compliance experts. We’ve provided our safety planning, permit-shepherding, red tape cutting, and 3rd-party safety oversight services on over 300 major NYC projects. We can help your project move forward as planned and finish up safely and on time.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the world of NYC construction and building compliance.

“We want you to be next to add your dream building to the skyline!”

NYC Department of Buildings Compliance Consultations

Looking to break into the NYC construction industry? Not sure how to start based on our overlapping requirements for developers, GCs, contractors, and workers?

New York City may be one of the heaviest regulated cities in the world when it comes to the rules for safety planning, project safety, worker safety, and public safety. And a slip-up can easily result in tens of thousands of dollars of penalties and fines, not to mention a stop-work order from the DOB that can shutter your site.

So, if you’re new to ‘the city that never sleeps’ or just looking to mitigate your risk of being out of compliance, allow NextWave Safety’s veteran team of NYC licensed safety professionals and compliance experts to lead the way.

We can help get your project started or finished by:

  • Assisting with identifying the necessary permits
  • Ensuring you have the correct plans or programs in place
  • Reviewing your supervisor and worker training
  • Connecting you to potential insurers, access management, and safety technologies

And, if you’ve already run into trouble with the DOB, we can help you to get back on track! Give us a call to learn more. 212-933-9071.

DOB License Facilitator

Are you an expert in the construction safety field, but find cutting through city red tape to be exhausting, time-consuming, and often ending in dead ends? Let NextWave Safety’s knowledgeable staff guide you through the process to obtain or renew a DOB-issued license.

Our NYC DOB New License Application OR License Renewal Application Services include:

  • Assistance correctly completing, reviewing, and filing (or e-filing) your application for a new or renewed license
  • Assistance determining and completing all required forms and paperwork, such as the LIC2, LIC34, or Child Support Certification
  • Fee payment to DOB for applications
  • Notary services

Unsure of whether you have what it takes? Call our office for a free background audit. We can help to determine eligibility and recommend the next steps or additional training needs.

Call the NextWave office at 212-933-9071 to start the process or request an application audit today!

Code Rule 59 – ICR 59 Consultation

Have you been issued an Industrial Code Rule 59 Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention notice by the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB)?

The New York State Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention program is for all companies with:

  • An annual payroll of over $800,000
  • A workers’ compensation experience modification rating of more than 1.20

Our safety team includes certified workplace safety and loss prevention consultants. We’ll come to your site and provide an analysis of the Workplace Safety and Loss Prevention Program established for that workplace and perform an on-site hazard survey.

Companies that don’t comply will be required to pay a 5% surcharge on the manual portion of their workers’ compensation premium. This surcharge increases annually, so call us for your consultation today.

Corporate Risk Assessment and Loss Control

Corporations today need a high level of security and sound occupational risk mitigation and risk management practices. Our assessment will tell you precisely what you are protecting, as well as prioritize assets based on their worth. Our safety consultant in New York can tell you which data points are important for your organization.

Development and Implementation of Safety and Health Programs

Safety and health programs help businesses prevent workplace injuries, improve compliance with laws and regulations, reduce costs, engage workers, enhance worker social responsibility goals, increase productivity, enhance overall business operations, and more.

Your safety consultant in NYC covers OSHA Safety and Health Management, department of buildings requirements, FDNY safety compliance requirements, emergency preparedness, life safety, tenant protections, public protections, environmental safety, and more.

Whether for a site, project, or business, NextWave can develop, update, and implement a safety and health program for your operation.

Third-Party Liability or Property Damage Claim

Third-party property damage coverage provides for the damage or destruction of the property of others while the property is in care, custody, or control of the production company.

Improvement of Workplace for Enhanced Safety

Knowing how to take better precautions at work will reduce workplace accidents. Having a safety consultant in New York will help enhance commitment to safety and health, as well as successfully communicate that very commitment to workers.

Having the proper risk mitigation and management systems in place allows you to properly handle any possible situation. With the help of our safety professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your facility is protected from risks. We take factors such as insurance requirements, liability, and OSHA requirements into consideration when orchestrating your risk mitigation and management services. Regular risk management can result in improved safety, fewer workplace injuries, and fewer worker’s compensation claims. This makes occupational risk mitigation a vital practice for any company.

Contact NextWave Safety, your safety consultant in New York for DOB compliance, risk mitigation services, training courses, and more. 

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