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Construction Risk Mitigation

While many elements of occupational risk mitigation apply to the construction field, the unique dangers of construction settings result in the need for additional precautions. That’s why NextWave Safety provides a comprehensive ecosystem of construction risk mitigation services.

Effective construction risk management is an art that combines thoughtful planning with dedicated safety oversight. As such, we offer optimal construction risk management and mitigation for your site. Construction risk mitigation includes development and administration of:

  • Safety plans and programs
  • Risk assessments
  • Loss control
  • Equipment inspection and usage protocols
  • Training and employee development
  • Tracking of insurance requirements
  • OCIP / CCIP consultancy

These components provide a proactive approach to risk management and ensure a safe, healthful, and compliant worksite. Look to NextWave Safety for your safety planning and risk management needs.

Want to know more? Schedule a consultation session with our risk management division.

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Want to know more? Schedule a consultation session with our risk management division.

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Being knowledgeable about safety codes and regulations is a serious matter in construction. Building owners, developers, GCs, and subs all need to be aware of the city, state, and federal requirements for their projects. This includes the filing of site safety plans, fire safety plans, and other site or task-related plans.

NextWave Safety can prepare and file required plans with the NYC Department of Buildings. Plans must be filed and approved by the DOB prior to permits being issued.

Key plans are:

  • Site Safety Plans
  • Health and Safety Plans
  • Noise & Dust Mitigation Plans
  • Environmental Protection Plans
  • Excavation Plans
  • Logistics Plans
  • Tenant Protection Plans
  • Building Contingency Plans
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Accident and Loss Prevention Programs

We can also provide safety training programs as part of any overall plan. These include classroom training, online training, toolbox talks, and even virtual reality training modules.


As part of our comprehensive risk management services, we work with Owners, Developers, and GCs to provide full corporate risk assessment and loss control services. Our approach involves not only attention to site safety, but consideration of regulatory, financial, legal, and insurance exposures.

Corporate Risk Assessment

Our Safety Division is not only skilled at spotting hazards and risks on busy construction sites. We are also experts in providing corporate risk assessment consultancy services. Our knowledgeable team can identify and work to mitigate costly compliance, financial, and claims matters before they cut into project productivity and costs.

Loss Control

Includes the loss of a project or opportunity to a competitor

Equipment Inspection Protocols

A safety consultant in New York regularly inspects equipment ensuring it meets protocol and secures construction sites to protect equipment and the public when workers are not present.

Insurance Requirement Tracking & Compliance

Establishing proper insurance requirements and obtaining certificated of insurance that outline your compliance with these requirements are important to occupational risk mitigation. They can reduce your chance of unknowingly accepting liability from the actions of others.

Corporate Safety Training Programs

We ensure employees are trained as necessary to adhere to the guidelines of your specific safety plans and programs, including everything from OSHA courses to CPR, first aid, fire safety, emergency response, disaster readiness, and other rescue techniques.


We provide skilled guidance for the development and implementation of an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) or Contractor Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP).

Assistance in these “wrap-ups”, such as help with costs, coverage terms, and conditions, claims processes, loss prevention, and more. A safety consultant in New York provides advice on these policies in which all participants involved in the building project are covered by a single policy.

These are some components that are crucial to risk management at the construction site. Our team at NextWave Safety can develop a customized safety plan for your site, taking all factors into consideration. Proper planning and safety strategy are crucial for keeping your site as safe as possible. We offer all levels of site safety planning to help promote the safety of your site.

If you are overdue for construction risk mitigation refreshers or development, it’s time to get some professional assistance. Contact our safety professionals at NextWave Safety for effective risk management services. We promote jobsite safety and occupational safety with our comprehensive safety procedures. Our additional risk management training services help ensure all employees understand the right safety protocols. Contact us today to get started on your safety and risk mitigation!

Benefits of an OCIP/CCIP

  • Greater control
  • Reduced cost – economies of scale
  • Return premiums for good loss experience
  • Continuity and breadth of coverage
  • Term of job pricing and protection
  • Dedicated limits of insurance for each project
  • Reduced owner administration/contractor coverage verification
  • Centralized safety management & medical care treatment
  • Coordination and control of Safe Place Work claims where applicable
  • Reduced litigation through coordinated claim management
  • Proper negotiation and equitable settlement of larger losses
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