Safety: NextWave’s Mission

Hazards are a part of the job, falling victim to them doesn’t have to be. NextWave Safety helps recognize potential issues before they become financial losses, streamlining the entire compliance process to keep your project on track and on budget.

From corporate safety programs to individual project compliance, NextWave Safety experts deliver results that meet your business needs. We work with you to understand your needs and develop client-specific solutions that deliver cost-effective results. Our technology platform gives access to the best resources, tools, and training to assist with implementation and compliance.

Safety Training

 Train for the job – not on the job – with NextWave Safety’s virtual reality safety training. Our fully immersive virtual environments reproduce practical training, allowing students, new hires, or veteran employees to conduct site safety investigations, operate heavy equipment, or move step by step through essential safety protocols while learning the dangerous reality of what happens when those standards aren’t followed.

In need of specialized training or customized environments? NextWave’s VR team create the content to help keep your employees safe and your projects profitable. Our VR enhancements work as an instructor tool to enhance current OSHA, DOB, or FDNY courses, as part of job orientation, or as safety refreshers. Trainings are offered in support of our active course schedule, on a per trainee basis at any of our academy sites, or as part of a full VR system integration for your training space


VR Technology

Current safety training environments fall short on successfully educating a diverse workforce and maintaining high training retention rates. Instead, bare-minimum compliance standards continue to characterize a training curriculum delivered mostly in one language through lectures, handouts, videos, and online modules. Lack of meaningful hands-on experience leaves learners without the on-site, immersive training required to fully recognize the scope of workplace risks and the best practices to mitigate and prevent unsafe incidents. A worker’s first time driving a forklift or operating a crane should not be on site; inexperience does not lead to the best outcomes.


NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc.

NextWave Safety Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to build the future of safety training and workplace safety by developing cutting-edge technology to mitigate project risk, reduce workplace incidents, and drive productivity. We bring an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency to workers, insurers, contractors, and developers.

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