At NextWave Safety, we know that occupational safety is about more than just knowing and enforcing the codes. A comprehensive safety program with task-specific plans, competency-based worker training, and safety data analytics – when all brought together under focused safety leadership – ensure a worksite is as safe as possible for everyone.

We specialize in occupational risk mitigation for major construction projects. Our licensed site safety managers, coordinators, QSPs, and construction fire safety managers are experts at managing risk on-site to keep workers safe and projects in compliance. These onsite managers conduct safety audits and inspections, as well as develop and file site safety plans, health and safety plans, and other construction-related plans. Our safety consultants can develop the unique safety solutions you need.

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Construction sites are filled with occupational hazards such as falls from height, heavy equipment, busy and noisy working environments, and dangerous tools and machinery. Routine assessments with transparent reporting are crucial for promoting safety in these conditions to curtail the dangers of these and other hazards.

With the help of our safety professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your facility is protected from risks. We take factors such as local compliance, insurance requirements, liability, and OSHA requirements into consideration when providing risk mitigation and management services. Regular risk management can result in improved safety, fewer workplace injuries, and fewer worker’s compensation claims. This makes risk mitigation a vital practice for any company or worksite.


There are many risks associated with construction projects, including personnel safety and financing work with tighter and tighter margins. At NextWave Safety, we know that proper planning is key in managing the risks associated with a wide variety of project types. Which risk management approach is ideal for your project? Let our team of safety professionals help you with effective risk mitigation services, including:


  • Development and implementation of safety and health programs
  • Filing of safety plans for projects, tasks, and public wellbeing
  • Corporate risk assessment and loss control
  • Third-party liability or property damage claims
  • Tracking of insurance requirements


With NextWave’s tech-enhanced offering, safety is NOT a cost center, it’s a PROFIT center!

When it comes to construction site safety, pen and paper processes – like handwritten daily logs – are no longer cutting it. Instead, a modern approach to site and project safety incorporates construction technologies to facilitate communication, reporting, and follow-up.

We’ve taken just such an approach to our safety jobs by applying an integrated safety ecosystem consisting of:

  • Digital safety management platforms
  • Mobile inspection and reporting tools
  • Health and safety dashboards
  • Virtual reality training enhancements
  • Worker applications for onboarding, training, and compliance
  • Real-time data analytics

Our results are clear: by utilizing a tech-enhanced approach to safety management, NextWave keeps project stakeholders in the know and more ready to take action to reduce on-site risk and keep work moving.


New to NYC?? Or maybe a first-time contractor looking to get started on a major project? The NYC compliance landscape can be a huge challenge for those unaccustomed to the world of construction here in the city that never sleeps.

Look no further than NextWave Safety, an NYC-born and based safety management company founded by 9/11 First Responders. We can help you manage the local regulations and compliance landscape. We’re your #1 resource for NYC safety and compliance needs!

Let us guide you to be the next to add your dream building to the city’s skyline!


Renovating a Historic Landmark – Brooklyn Bridge

New York, NY

Navillus / MLJ NV Contracting

Tallest Building in Brooklyn – 9 DeKalb Ave

Brooklyn, NY

JDS Development Group

Fulfillment Center – 2505 Bruckner Blvd

Bronx, NY

Aurora Contractors

Upper East Side Condos – 150 E. 78th St.

New York, NY


Upper West Side Residence – 2505 Broadway

New York, NY

Cauldwell Wingate

Upper East Side Residence – 109 E. 79th St.

New York, NY

Cauldwell Wingate

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